Exercise Programming for the Elderly Population

A long-term exercising program, successfully performed, can dramatically slow down and partly reserve the debilitating results of age and certain age-related complications. Exercise has a couple of propitious results: it could relieve pain, produce an experience of well-being, save you from falls, growth independence, lessen clinical costs, reverse obesity, shield joints from additional breakdown, and Read More

Ankle Instability in young Athletes

Due to the growing exposure in the field of sports now more than ever, children and adolescent are participating in various sports at earlier ages. There is an increase in the levels of intensity with increasing competition and a need to outperform amongst their peers. In adolescent athletes due to the rapid growth spurt, the Read More

Muscle fatigue: Causes and management

Muscle fatigue and weakness are commonly used terms. The repeated use of muscles can lead to a decline in their performance over time. This is also known as muscle fatigue. Muscle fatigue can limit athletic performance and reduce your ability to perform strenuous tasks for longer periods. Muscle weakness can come to include a lot Read More