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Knee Pain in Distance Runners

Distance running for fitness has increased enormously in popularity and participation over the years. At the same time, more organizations are holding races. With this emphasis on competition, runners must intensify their training runs by running greater distances. Runners preparing for a marathon commonly run 70 miles a week or more. Accompanying this increased training Read More

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Gender bias in common sports injuries | Zandu Fast Relief

Women’s sports have grown exponentially since 1972, and female athletes are becoming household names. Venus and Serena Williams have excelled in tennis, and Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles in gymnastics. Although it is well known that most musculoskeletal injuries are more sport-specific than gender-specific, the gender disparity in sports injuries persists. Concussions, meniscal knee injuries, Read More

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Hydration In Distance Runners

INTRODUCTION:- Running is said to be the best form of exercise as it can be easily performed There are an estimated five to eight million individuals participating in running events globally. A 50% increase in participation in running has been tracked over the last decade. This growth has partly been driven by increased participation in Read More