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Common Repetitive Strain Injury: Causes, Prevention and Management

Picture this. A dentist sitting in their chair with a restricted field of vision, bent awkwardly in a sitting position for long periods, scaling drilling and filling teeth and a creative writer toiling away at their desk, typing, editing and shooting off drafts all day. What’s common between the two? Pain in different parts of Read More

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Benefits Of Using Topical Pain Relief Gels For Muscle Pain

Our daily lives are made up of endless chores. Be it working from home, completing household tasks or commuting to work, we’re always up against a deadline. In doing all this demanding work day in and day out, our bodies undergo an enormous amount of physical stress – yes, even from just sitting and working Read More

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Weight Training In Young Athletes

Introduction Weight training/Strength Training and/or Resistance Training (RT) has been criticized and is considered a controversial aspect of mode of exercising to improve performance in young athletes. Many see it as detrimental to young athlete’s health and development. However,  RT is nothing but a physical conditioning program that involves the use of resistance training methods Read More

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Hydration In Distance Runners

INTRODUCTION:- Running is said to be the best form of exercise as it can be easily performed There are an estimated five to eight million individuals participating in running events globally. A 50% increase in participation in running has been tracked over the last decade. This growth has partly been driven by increased participation in Read More

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Effectiveness of core stabilisation exercises in the management of low back pain

Introduction: Low back pain (LBP) is a common problem faced by a lot of people in today’s era. The prevalence of LBP in adults has been well documented with a life-time prevalence of over 70%, one year period prevalence of over 50% and a point prevalence of over 20%, although some studies have reported it Read More

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Role of Physiotherapy in Geriatric People | Physiotherapist for Elderly care

Introduction Aging is a natural process of life. Getting old makes our body go through many physical changes. These changes usually lead to a decrease in muscle strength, bone density, body co-ordination, and even stiff joints, which sometimes can lead to falls and fractures. For elderly citizens, exercising may be the key for bringing back Read More

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Current scope of Physiotherapy in India in response to the ever growing & changing needs of the society

Health is a condition of inclusive physically, mentality and socially wellbeing of a person, but not exclusively the lack of illness or disease. Physiotherapy often abbreviated as PT is an active healthcare occupation that aims to help the individuals with the achievement, maintenance and restoration of maximal physical functioning and health throughout their lifetimes. Physiotherapy Read More

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Running Tips for Beginners

Philosopher Lao Tzu once opined, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” While its subliminal meaning is to inspire us to complete life goals, it also holds true for a task as simple as learning to run. We all run, but running long distances to maintain fitness levels or for running Read More

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Running Injuries: Causes, Symptoms & Management

Running is a form of fitness that many swear by. However, runners’ bodies go through a lot of pressure and can be at risk of injury if preventive care isn’t taken. Research suggests that every 3 recreational runners are bound to suffer from running injuries at some point during their life. It also states that Read More

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Useful Tips to Avoid Injury during Sports

Sports has always been an essential part of our life. From playing it as a profession to considering it as a recreational activity, we have always found it refreshing and a fun way to exercise. With the increased rush of adrenaline we get while playing any sport, the chances of getting injured also increases. Sports Read More