The Vital Role of Sensory Regulation in Children’s Learning and Communication

Discover how sensory regulation boosts learning and communication in kids! Uncover strategies for optimal child development and success in the classroom.

ICU acquired weakness (ICUAW)

Learn about ICU-acquired weakness (ICUAW), its causes, prevention, and treatments. Get expert advice for better recovery and care.

ACL Rehabilitation

Advancing ACL Rehabilitation: Beyond Ankle Pumps and Quadriceps Strengthening

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Debunking Most Common Fitness Mistakes for a Healthier Journey

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heat cramps

Tips to avoid heat cramps in athletes during summer

Stay cramp-free this summer! Discover expert tips for athletes to beat the heat and prevent heat cramps. Hydrate, eat right, and train smart!

Total Knee Replacement (TKR) and Total Hip Replacement (THR) in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA): A Comprehensive Rehabilitation Approach

Introduction Total knee replacement (TKR) and total hip replacement (THR) surgeries are common procedures in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). These surgeries are often performed to alleviate pain, improve joint function, and enhance the quality of life in patients with RA. As physiotherapists, our role in the rehabilitation process is crucial in helping these patients Read More

Getting Back into the Gym

Getting Back into the Gym after a Long Break

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Reasons for Morning Back Pain

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quick pain relief

The Interconnection of Mental Health and Physical Recovery: A Crucial Component in Rehabilitation by Dr. Alicia Fernandes, MPT, M.I.A.P

Introduction As physiotherapists, we are well-versed in the importance of physical rehabilitation in the recovery process. However, what is often overlooked is the profound impact that mental health can have on physical recovery. The relationship between mental and physical health is complex and multifaceted, and understanding this connection is crucial for achieving optimal rehabilitation outcomes. Read More

Running Form

Running Form: Top Tips to Improve Your pace & Technique

Enhance your running pace and technique with our top tips on running form. Improve your performance and reach your fitness goals faster.