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Weight Training In Young Athletes

Introduction Weight training/Strength Training and/or Resistance Training (RT) has been criticized and is considered a controversial aspect of mode of exercising to improve performance in young athletes. Many see it as detrimental to young athlete’s health and development. However,  RT is nothing but a physical conditioning program that involves the use of resistance training methods Read More

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Hydration In Distance Runners

INTRODUCTION:- Running is said to be the best form of exercise as it can be easily performed There are an estimated five to eight million individuals participating in running events globally. A 50% increase in participation in running has been tracked over the last decade. This growth has partly been driven by increased participation in Read More

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Current scope of Physiotherapy in India in response to the ever growing & changing needs of the society

Health is a condition of inclusive physically, mentality and socially wellbeing of a person, but not exclusively the lack of illness or disease. Physiotherapy often abbreviated as PT is an active healthcare occupation that aims to help the individuals with the achievement, maintenance and restoration of maximal physical functioning and health throughout their lifetimes. Physiotherapy Read More