back pain relief spray in India

A research by American Association of Neurological Surgeons said that, 75 to 85 percent of world’s population experiences back pain once in their lifetime. And we're sure you've been part of this while lifting heavy boxes or bowling. However, Zandu’s Fast Relief Range helps you gain instant and Zandu's Fast Relief Range is a specially designed formula to help you get control over your back pain.

Fighting Back Pain


Lifting something too heavy or not picking it properly can cause strain and sprain in the muscles of the back causing back pain. Along with pain, muscle stiffness, muscle spasms, and restricted movement are common in back pain.


Many times, injuries happened due to sports can result into back ache. It can range from minor to major backache depending upon the severity of injury.


Any instance of lifting heavy objects improperly leads to strain in the back. It puts pressure around the muscles of back which leads to debilitating pain in the back.


Prolonged hunching while working, sitting or standing can cause your muscles in the back to become painful and stiff.


Excess weight affects your spine and muscles in the back which eventually can lead to herniated disc or osteoarthritis.


Exercise the right way. Don’t workout without eating. Get all your muscles involved while working out, never focus on a specific area only. Focus on your breathing while performing a work out.

Change your sleeping position. Sleep in a comfortable position.


Maintain proper posture. Setting up your home and office more ergonomically can prevent strain and pain on your back.


You can perform activities like jogging, cycling, rope skipping to keep your weight in check and to be physically active.

Use proper sports equipment. Using inappropriate shoes while doing a sports activity is a major
cause of back pain. Always use shoes which are designed for specific sports activities


Applying ice to the affected area can help to lessen the swelling and pain. Use an ice or a heating pad for about 15-20 minutes within every 2 hours as it increases the blood flow and makes your back muscles feel relaxed. For a better pain relief, you can also apply Zandu Fast Relief Spray over the affected area.


Wrapping the affected area with elastic medical bandage can help to reduce pain and swelling. Wrap around the bandage, keep it snugly but not too tight, do not block the blood flow. If you feel numb around the affected area, quickly loosen the bandage.


Performing Yoga aasanas can be a great remedy to treat your back pain. It is effective and provide pain relief as it relaxes the tensed muscles. You can perform aasanas like the Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, UtthitaBalasana, or the cow pose to reduce the back pain.


Uncomfortable shoes or shoes which don’t offer support are one of reasons behind back pain. Wearing high heels leads to lower back pain. Therefore, consider switching to shoes that fits you perfectly and supports your feet and back.


Performing gentle exercises everyday can help to reduce the pain around the shoulders and increases flexibility. Exercises like Pelvic Bridge, Prone SLR, Partial Cuel etc. can be performed to strengthen your back muscles.