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Whether you are a gym freak, active sport player or a working adult, you must've experienced pain in your muscles at least once in your lifetime. Since muscle tissues are found all through the body, this type of discomfort can be felt almost anywhere. To gain relief over this pain, Zandu Fast Relief range can be helpful.

Fighting Muscle Pain


Sleep deprivation often causes inflammatory conditions in body which eventually lead to muscle pain and develops into arthritis.


Stress is a commonplace when it comes to muscle tension. Sudden onset or prolonged period of stress causes the muscles to tense and lead to muscle pain.


A muscle cramp is an involuntary contraction of one or more muscles that occurs suddenly. Muscle cramps, though normally harmless, can make it impossible to utilize the affected muscle for a short period of time.

Muscle Pain Relief


Lack of important nutrients like Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, amino acids and calcium can break your metabolic processes which can eventually lead to musculoskeletal pain.


A sprain occurs when ligaments, the tight bands of fibrous tissue that link two bones in your joints, stretch or rip. It can cause a severe pain amongst the muscles.


Dehydration occurs when your body doesn’t have enough water to function properly. Your tissues lose moisture as a result of dehydration, which makes your muscles and joints hurt. It can lead to muscle pain, low energy and high chances of getting injured.


Overexertion and sore muscles usually happens when you do strenuous activities which differs from your normal routine.


Stay hydrated. Drink at least 4-5 liters of water every day.


Activities like rope skipping, jogging and cycling helps to keep your weight in check and makes you more physically active.

Include calcium and protein rich food products in your diet such as dairy, eggs, fish, green leafy vegetables and dry fruits.

Wear proper footwear with comfortable cushioning. Proper footwear often provide relief and improve joint function for those suffering from joint pain.

Avoid lifting heavy weight. Balance the weight equally if necessary.

Take periodic breaks from work. Do a little walk and stretch your muscles.

Muscle aches can be easily treated at home by following the RICE method. You can take the following steps to reduce muscular pain caused by injury or overuse:


Get proper rest. Avoid moving too much for the first few days. Use a cane or crutches if you have to walk or move. For a better pain relief, you can also apply Zandu Fast Relief Gel/ Zandu Fast Relief Ointment over the affected area.


Applying ice to the affected area can help to lessen the swelling and pain. Use an ice pack for about 15-20 minutes within every 2 hours as it increases the blood flow and makes your muscles feel relaxed


Wrapping the affected area with elastic medical bandage can help to reduce pain and swelling. Wrap around the bandage, keep it snugly but not too tight, do not block the blood flow. If you feel numb around the affected area, quickly loosen the bandage.


Always keep the affected area raised above heart level whenever possible on a stack of pillows or any other support structure.


Muscle Pain Relief


Performing gentle exercises like neck rotation, arm circles, back stretch etc., everyday can help to reduce the pain around the shoulders and increases flexibility.

Muscle Pain Relief

Muscle Pain Relief


Drink clear fluids, such as water, broth or sports drinks.