Shoulder Pain Relief

After a long session of basketball, you've travelled to office and back and juggled through a hectic work schedule… now as you're hit the bed, you just can’t sleep because your shoulders hurt; this is when you need a fast-acting solution which is offered by Zandu’s Fast Relief Range.

Smashing Shoulder Pain


Frozen shoulder is a health condition which happens due to stiffness in shoulder joint and muscles. It causes tightening of the muscles and the pain worsens as it gradually develops. Physical therapy is the primary treatment recommended by doctors for frozen shoulder.


When the ligaments in the shoulder overstretch or tear, it leads to sprain in the shoulder, while a shoulder stain happens when some of the fibers in the shoulder muscles or tendons overstretch or tear. This tear can cause acute to chronic pain.


Performing arm workouts without any proper warm up routine or stretches can result into
severe pain in shoulders. It can also lead to sprain or strain.


Carrying a heavy shoulder bag on one shoulder can cause the shoulder to begin to roll
forward and down which stretches the muscles around the shoulder area. This eventually
leads to weak muscles.


Travelling is one of the reasons behind shoulder pain as people tend to hold the handles of
the transportation mode for a long period of time.


Maintain good posture. Don’t hunch forward. Keep your shoulders and back straight while sitting.

Change your sleeping position.


Don’t strain your body. Avoid lifting heavy weights. Follow a proper warmup routine before workout. You can perform exercises like full arm circles, side bends, arm cross chest and shoulder twists to start your workout.


Applying ice to the affected area can help to lessen the swelling and pain. Use an ice or a heating pad for about 15-20 minutes within every 2 hours as it increases the blood flow and makes your muscles feel relaxed. For a better pain relief, you can also apply Zandu Fast Relief Gel/ Zandu Fast Relief Ointment over the affected area.


Wrapping your shoulder with elastic medical bandage can help to reduce pain and swelling. Wrap around the bandage, keep it snugly but not too tight, do not block the blood flow. If you feel numb around the affected area, quickly loosen the bandage. For a better pain relief, you can also apply Zandu Fast Relief Gel/ Zandu Fast Relief Ointment over the affected area.


Yoga provides a number of innovative remedies to cure discomfort in neck. There is many yoga ‘aasanas’ which focus on your shoulder and reduces the pain across it. For Example, Paschim Namaskarasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana, etc can be performed to get rid of shoulder pain.


Performing gentle exercises everyday can help to reduce the pain around the shoulders and
increases flexibility.


Stretches like pendulum stretch, arm circles, cross body stretch, towel stretch etc can be performed to reduce pain happening due to frozen shoulder. Each exercise must be performed for 10-30 seconds.


Recovering from injuries, as a warm-up before exercise, or just in between sets- Shoulder strengthening exercises are easy to perform and don’t consume much time. Exercises like arm rotation, arm plunge, push and pull stretch etc., can be performed for 15-20 seconds each to makes your joint flexible and strong.


It can become difficult to move your shoulders around if you experience any injury. Hence, Physiotherapists always recommend you some set of easy exercises to get your shoulder back in motion. Exercises like Triceps dip, crunches, planks can be done using a Swiss ball as well as some normal stretches using a sponge ball and resistance band can also help to improve flexibility and stability.

Using Zandu Pain Relief solutions along with physiotherapy, provides effective and
long-lasting pain relief against Shoulder pain. The above information is no substitute to medical
assistance, if your pain persists for a longer time it is advised to consult a doctor immediately.